Best hotels for young couples in Venice


If you want to gain heart of your sweetheart, bring her to Venice, one
of the world's most romantic cities. There are many romantic honeymoon
hotels to choose from. We have chosen the best ones:

Hotel Cipriani

Romance seekers flock to this luxurious hotel situated on 3.5 acres at
the tip of the Island of Giudecca. With personalized service, access to
the Olympic-sized swimming pool (the only one in the whole of Venice),
and the private Italian garden complete with a Jacuzzi set within a fountain,
you’ll have no trouble adapting to the royal treatment you’re bound to
receive in the city that welcomes lovers. Luxurious accommodations,
sumptuous dining options and a trip to the hotel’s Casanova
Beauty & Wellness Center are all you’ll need to set the scene for
a memorable romantic vacation.

Hotel Ai Mori d'Oriente Venice

The Hotel Ai Mori d’Oriente offers a unique, characteristic surroundings
for a romantic stay in Venice. In this same quiet neighbourhood, there
are churches, famous works of art and may typical Venetian style
restaurants that serve local food and characteristic wines. It is easy to
find the hotel from any of the water transportation, it is only five minutes
from the boat stops.

Best hotels in Venice