My favourite 3 hotels in Cologne

InterContinental Cologne

The hotel is great. Its modern décor, huge rooms, location in
the heart of the fantastic city of Cologne make it ideal for stay.
The breakfast staff and the dining room are fantastic.


Hyatt Regency Cologne

The rooms are good, well furnished and comfortable and the ones
at the front have a great view over the city. The hotel has normal
facilities that you would expect of a good standard of business hotel.
Hyatt Regency Cologne has an experienced staff which is friendly
and very helpful, and has a great understanding of customer service.


Hotel Lyskirchen

It is a modern hotel located in the historic part of the city, close to
the city center and the Exhibition Center. The staff is efficient and
friendly. The rooms are nice, of a good size, quiet, well decorated,
warm, overlooking the pool. They have a great bathroom and walk-in
shower, plenty of storage/hooks, platter of complimentary fruit,
plasma TV, duvets on the beds. Breakfast choice is extremely good,
served in a nice breakfast room. 


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