My rating of Naples


1.      Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort

This Ritz Carlton is amazing. The hotel and surrounding grounds are
amazing. My room had a balcony overlooking the golf course which is
beautiful and serene. The service is incredible and everything about
the hotel is great. It is 5 minutes to downtown Naples and the beaches.
Highly recommended.


2.     Ritz-Carlton Naples

This is a grand, opulent hotel, actually more of a resort. Service is
outstanding, the amenities are top notch, food is sumptuous, beach is
nice, spa is incredible, the rooms are large with great views, grounds are
impeccable and the bars are comfortable and fun.


3.      Bellasera Hotel

This is an amazing hotel with everything in place perfectly: beautiful fully
equipped rooms (suites actually), great location just by 5th avenue, exquisite
service, nice pool area and spa, care free parking and just simply everything!


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