5 Star Abitalia Tower Plaza Hotel in Pisa


If you are a traveler with solid budget and looking for premium hotel in Pisa city Abitalia Tower Plaza is waiting for you. The rates begin from EUR 300 per night. For this sum you get a lot of facilities that are character to luxury hotels, take for instance 24h secured parking, in-room service, wireless internet, individual heating and this everlasting list can be continued.

There is no reason to worry If you travel with your lovely cat or dog because in accordance to Abitalia Tower Plaza Hotel policy pets are allowed here. Furthermore there is special area where you can leave your animal and where professionals will take care about it when you are busy.

Also if you travel with children who are under 6 years old you can order extra bed meantime booking, note this bed if free of charge.

Pisa city Abitalia Tower Plaza Hotel is well known by its restaurants and bars that can please their guests by quality service and amaze by great prices. In addition it should be stressed that regular visitors get 25% off for snacks and alcohol.

If you enjoyed this hotel ans still planing your trip to Pisa city we recommend to book Abitalia Tower Plaza Hotel upon 1-2 weeks before your coming since in summer it can be overbooked.