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AC Santo Mauro

The Duke of Santo Mauro's 1895 French-style neoclassical mansion
is now one of Madrid's most elegant and luxurious hotels. At just 51
rooms, and located in a largely residential district of the Paseo de
Castellana, it's intimate-a feeling magnified by the discreet nature
of the service.

Hospes Madrid

The patented Hospes formula (classic building, modern-luxe interiors,
signature spa and restaurant) is on display in this classic 19th-century
building just off the Plaza de la Indepencia, deep in the heart of Madrid.
The forty-one rooms and suites are an object lesson in contemporary
luxury design. Scenic central location, devoted service, intimate
atmosphere and all the most essential comforts of a much bigger luxury
hotel - what else is there?

De Las Letras Hotel

This hotel features contemporary design in a classic wrapper. Though it
looks youthful, the De Las Letras H&R has clearly been studying the
old-world luxury hotels - expect classic touches like full baths and daily
newspapers as well as today's must-have amenity, the pillow menu.
Restaurant, bar, spa, library even - the only thing missing is some kind
of way to take the place home with you when you're done with it.

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