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TechnoBusiness Forum Gets Favorable Reviews

By at least two measures, the number and stature of attendees and the feedback they offered, the 2008 CPBIS TechnoBusiness Forum was a resounding success. Paul Stuart, NSERC Environmental Design Chair at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique writes, “It is my impression that the TechnoBusiness Forum was an enormous success, but that you would have difficulty quantifying this. If you surveyed the 60 participants, each would have drawn great inspiration, however in 60 different ways. I personally drew great value first-and-foremost with the overall vision of transforming companies (as most participants would) but most specifically would highlight (a) concepts of dominance and enterprise transformation, (b) the MeadWestvaco story, and (c) the chemical supplier presentations and their view of R&D.”

Ken Matthews, Eka Chemicals’ Business Development Manager, North America writes, “I’ve been saying for a while now that the P&B industry needs to look outside of its own sphere of operation to learn from other, similarly challenged industries, such as mobile communication and automobile manufacture, and here it was presented to me on a plate. The content was excellent. The speakers were professional and knowledgeable. I found the format of having speaker panels worked well and the way you planned the panels worked well.”


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