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Research Findings

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1. Globalization
2. Enterprise Effectiveness
3. Workplace Transformation
4. Commercialization
5. Community




Regional Demands for Pulp and Paper Products
Patrick McCarthy, Lei Lei

Management of and Methods for the Configuration of Globally Efficient Supply Chains in the Containerboard Sector
Marc Goetschalckx and Usha Nair-Reichert

Strategic Design of Robust Global Supply Chains: Two Case Studies from the Paper Industry
T. Santoso, Marc Goetschalcks, S. Ahmed, and A. Shapiro


Enterprise Effectiveness

Potential Impacts of Energy and Climate Policies On the U. S. Pulp and Paper Industry
Marilyn A. Brown and Nilgun Atamturk

Is There a Productivity Gap Between U.S. and European Pulp and Paper Producers?
Vivek Ghosal

Production and Cost in the Pulp and Paper Industry:
A Translog Cost Function Analysis

Patrick McCarthy, Aselia Urmanbetova

Impact Of Forest Biotechnology On The Economics Of Corrugated Box Production
G. F. Peter, J. Fernandez, D. E. White, C. Courchene and G. A. Baum

Commercialization of Forest Biotechnology: Economic Targets for Enhanced Global Competitiveness of the U. S. Pulp and Paper Industry
G.F. Peter, D.E. White, N. Sicarelli, R. De La Torre, and D. Newman

Integrated Environmental and Economic Performance Assessments for Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis in Paper Manufacturing
Bert Bras, Matthew Realff, and Carol Carmichael

Integrated Environmental and Economic Performance Assessment
Carol Carmichael, P.J. Newcomb, Bert Bras, Paul Stuart, and Matthew Realff

MRO Practices and their Link to Improved Competitive Performance
Patricia Swafford

A Study of the MRO Supply Chain for Paper Mills
Yih-Long Chang, Cheryl Gaimon, Soumen Ghosh, Vinod Singhal, Carrie Crystal, and Patricia Swafford

Industry Consolidation and Price: Evidence from the U.S. Linerboard Industry
Haizheng Li and Jifeng Luo

Industry Consolidation and Price-Cost Margins: Evidence from the Pulp and Paper Industry
Haizheng Li, Patrick McCarthy and Aselia Urmanbetova

Forecasting Containerboard Prices
Lidia Marko

Chinese Newsprint and Printing & Writing Paper Industry
Jifeng Luo

U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry Review (1970-2000)
Aselia Urmanbetova

Prices, Industry Consolidation, and Profit Margins
Haizheng Li and Patrick McCarthy

Economic Transition and Demand Pattern: Evidence from China 's Paper and Paperboard Industry
Haizheng Li, Jifeng Luo and Patrick McCarthy

Master's Thesis: Inventory and Price Forescasting: Evidence from U.S. Containerboard Industry
Lidia Marko, August 2003

Master's Thesis: The Effects of Consolidation on Price-Cost Margins in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Aselia Urmanbetova, December 2003

Master's Thesis: Two Essays on the Demand for and Supply of Paper and Paperboard Products
Jifeng Luo, December 2003

Master's Thesis: Vertical Integration in the American Pulp and Paper Industry, 1970-2000
Pallavi Damani, May 2004

Profiling Best Practices: An Explanatory Analysis of Box-Plant Trucking Logistics in the Paper Industry (final report)
Jessica Madariaga, Pat McCarthy

Multi-scale Spatial Modeling for Logistics System Reliability Evaluations
Ni Wang, Jye-Chyi Lu, and Paul Kvam

Dynamic Learning in Supply Chain with Repeated Transactions and Service Contributions
Chayakrit Charoensiriwath and Jye-Chyi Lu

Ordering Quantity Decisions Considering Uncertainty in Supply-Chain Logistics Operations
Hyoungtae Kim, Jye-Chyi Lu, and Paul Kvam

Master's Thesis: Profiling Best Practices: An Explanatory Analysis of Box-Plant Trucking Logistics in the Paper Industry
Jessica Madariaga


Workplace Transformation

Dimensions of Innovation in the Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industry: Insights from the 2005 Georgia Manufacturing Survey
Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira, John Slanina and Erin Lamos

Workplace Transformation and Human Resource Management in the Pulp and Paper Industry (final report)
Charles Parsons

Workplace Transformation: Lessons for the Paper Industry
Charles Parsons and Raul Necochea

Effects of Change and Change Management on Employee Responses: An Overview of Results from Multiple Studies
Donald Fedor and David Herold



U.S. Pulp Business Market: Demonstrating the Increased Relevance for the Evaluation of Pulp Properties
Goutam Challagalla and Hiroki Nanko

Effects of Fines on the Fiber Length and Coarseness Values Measured by the Fiber Quality Analyzer
Jeremy Meyers and Hiroki Nanko


Antitrust and the Competitive Structure of the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry, 1950-1990
Hannes Toivanen

Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Problems: Organizational Capabilities and Strategy and Strucutre of The Large Pulp and Paper Firms (1950-1980)
Hannes Toivanen

Innovation, Intellectural Propety Rights, and Concentration in a Nascent Industry: U.S. Newsprint Industry, 1889-1913 (abstract only)
Hannes Toivanen

Doctoral Thesis: Learning and Corporate Strategy: The Dynamic Evoluation of the North American Pulp and Paper Industry , 1860-1960
Hannes Toivanen

Visual Harvest: Ambiguity in the U.S. Forest Science at Home and in the Tropic, 1890-1925
Hannes Toivanen

Antitrust and the Paper Industry: Lessons from History (presentation)
Steve Usselman

Adaptable Biorefinery: Some Basic Economic Concepts to Guide Research Selection
Michael Farmer

Making Strategic Connections: Stimulative Policies for a Dynamic Network
Michael Farmer and Steven Burke



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