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CPBIS Working Papers
CPBIS-WP-2008-04 China's Pulp and Paper Industry: A Review
Z. Zhuang, L. Ding, and H. Li
CPBIS-WP-2008-03 Computer Usage and the Demand for Paper/Paperboard Products
L. Lei and H. Li
CPBIS-WP-2008-02 Targeted Investments in Modernization and Gains in Productivity: Evidence from Firms in the Global Paper Industry
V. Ghosal and U. Nair-Reichert
CPBIS-WP-2008-01 GARCH Effects in Another Market: Modeling and Forecasting Kraft Prices and Conditional Volatility
R. Kilic
CPBIS-WP-2007-03 Production and Cost in the Pulp and Paper Industry: A Translog Cost Function Analysis
P. McCarthy and A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2007-02 Identification of Trends for Papers in Digital Printing
D. White, M. Evans, H. Vogl, M. Song, B. Jonen, and G. Peter
CPBIS-WP-2006-01 Inventory, Price, and Output in the Linerboard Industry
H. Li and F. Zhang
CPBIS-WP-2005-07 The Value of Forest Biotechnology: A Cost Modeling Study of Loblolly Pine and Kraft Linerboard in the Southeastern USA
G. Peter, D. White, R. de la Torre, R. Singh, and D. Newman
CPBIS-WP-2005-06 Effects of Fines on the Fiber Length and Coarseness Values Measured by the Fiber Quality Analyzer
J. Meyers and H. Nanko
CPBIS-WP-2005-05 Making Strategic Connections: Stimulative Policies for a Dynamic Network
M. Farmer and S. Burke
CPBIS-WP-2005-04 Adaptable Biorefinery: Some Basic Economic Concepts to Guide Research Selection
M. Farmer
CPBIS-WP-2005-03 Does Market Concentration Motivate Pulp and Paper Mills to Vertically Integrate?
H. Li and G. Wang
CPBIS-WP-2005-02 Antitrust and the Competitive Structure of the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry, 1950-1990
H. Toivanen
CPBIS-WP-2005-01 Industry Consolidation and Price: Evidence from the U.S. Linerboard Industry
H. Li and J. Luo
CPBIS-WP-2004-12 A Multi-level Spatial Model for Logistics Reliability Assessment
N. Wang, J. C. Lu, and P. Kvam
CPBIS-WP-2004-11 US Pulp and Paper Industry Review: 1970-2000
A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2004-10 Impact of Forest Biotechnology on the Economics of Corrugated Box Production
G. Peter, J. Fernandez, D. White, and C. Courchene
CPBIS-WP-2004-09 Commercialization of Forest Biotechnology: Economic Targets for Enhanced Global Competitiveness of the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry
G. Peter, D. White, N. Sicarelli, and R. de la Torre
CPBIS-WP-2004-08 Dynamic Learning in Supply Chain with Repeated Transactions and Service Contributions
C. Charoensiriwath and J.C. Lu
CPBIS-WP-2004-07 Competition Under Retail Price and Manufacturer Service
C. Charoensiriwath and J.C. Lu
CPBIS-WP-2004-06 Price-Cost Margin and Consolidation in the Pulp and Paper Industry
H. Li, P. McCarthy, and A. Urmanbetova
CPBIS-WP-2004-05 Economic Transition and Demand Pattern: Evidence from China’s Paper and Paperboard Industry
H. Li, J. Luo, and P. McCarthy
CPBIS-WP-2004-04 MRO Practices and their Link to Improved Competitive Performance
P. Swafford
CPBIS-WP-2004-03 Workplace Transformation: Lessons for the Paper Industry
C. Parsons and R. Necochea
CPBIS-WP-2004-02 Effects of Change and Change Management on Employee Responses: An Overview of Results from Multiple Studies
D. Fedor and D. Herold
CPBIS-WP-2004-01 Strategic Design of Robust Global Supply Chains: Two Case Studies from the Paper Industry
T. Santoso, M. Goetschalckx, S. Ahmed, and A. Shapiro
CPBIS-WP-2003-05 Is There a Productivity Gap Between U.S. and European Pulp and Paper Producers
V. Ghosal
CPBIS-WP-2003-04 Chinese Newsprint and Printing & Writing Paper Industry
J. Luo
CPBIS-WP-2003-03 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Problems: Organizational Capabilities and the Strategy and Structure of Large Pulp and Paper Firms, 1950-1980
H. Toivanen
CPBIS-WP-2003-02 Integrated Environmental and Economic Performance Assessment
C. Carmichael, P. Newcomb, B. Bras, and P. Stuart
CPBIS-WP-2003-01 Forecasting Containerboard Price
L. Marko
CPBIS-WP-2002-01 Visual Harvest:’ Ambiguity in the U.S. Forestry Science at Home and in the Tropics, 1890-1925
H. Toivanen

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