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Benefits of Sponsorship

CPBIS is pleased to announce its new sponsorship program as of January 2008, affording the pulp and paper industry with improved opportunities to not only support knowledge creation but to better tap into that knowledge. The program is flexible, offering three levels of sponsorship: Partner (over $30,000), Affiliate ($10,000-$30,000), and Member ($5,000-$10,000).


Benefit from Center Research
Researchers associated with the Center combine specialized knowledge of pulp and paper with broad, comparative perspectives on management and business practices. Informed but independent, Center research offers objective, authoritative analyses of the industry's best practices and most pressing problems. Center-sponsored projects attract and train graduate students from a variety of disciplines, funneling new talent and expertise into the paper industry.


Advance Notice of Research Findings – Faculty completing CPBIS-funded research projects generally submit their findings to high-caliber refereed, journals within their disciplines.  This process can take 12-18 months.  CPBIS sponsor organizations will have access to the research reports once available, without having to wait for formal publication of research findings.

Student Projects – Sponsor organizations have the opportunity to work with CPBIS faculty to identify a suitable project for student research.   

Access to Staff and Faculty Expertise – CPBIS staff and faculty have a wide breadth of knowledge on business, management, and economic issues.  For CPBIS Sponsors, CPBIS will facilitate access and discussions with Center staff and Georgia Tech faculty experts. 

Business Knowledge Through the Sloan Network– As a CPBIS sponsor, an organization will receive periodic updates on new research findings from other Sloan Industry Centers on issues that are key to the pulp, paper, and forest products industry.


Educate Your Employees
Sponsored jointly with PIMA (Paper Industry Management Association), CPBIS offers a management training opportunity – Management Development for Enhanced Performance – targeted at the mid to upper manager level. Taught by industry experts and faculty from Georgia Tech’s College of Management, the five-day program covers leadership, managing change, managing teams, negotiating, customer relations management, and capital effectiveness. 


Complimentary Management Training – Depending on sponsorship level, CPBIS Sponsors may be eligible to receive complimentary spots in this bi-annual learning opportunity. 


Connect on Important Issues
One of the Center’s key connectivity events is the annual TechnoBusiness Forum.  Jointly hosted with IPST, the TechnoBusiness Forum addresses significant issues that are of current interest to the industry and its ability to compete in a global environment, including Open Innovation (2004 Forum), and Innovation – Transfer & Deployment (2005 Forum). 


Complimentary Registrations to the TechnoBusiness Forum– CPBIS Sponsors will be eligible for complimentary registrations at this industry event.  The next Forum will focus on Enterprise Transformation, including industry leader and CEO panels, is scheduled for May 20-21, 2008 in Atlanta. 


Sponsorship Program
Benefits for three levels of sponsorships are described below.  Each level identifies the minimum benefit.  CPBIS will negotiate additional benefits within a given sponsorship level to reflect additional funding above the minimum.  In-kind contributions are valued accordingly and the equivalent sponsorship status granted. 

Benefits for All Sponsors

All CPBIS Sponsors receive:

  • Advance notice of research findings
  • Facilitated access to Center staff and Georgia Tech faculty experts
  • Business-related research findings from the Sloan Industry Center’s network of researchers
  • A bi-annual Sponsors newsletter highlighting new research and other sponsor-only information
  • An annual Stewardship Report detailing sponsor contributions and Center accomplishments

Partner Benefits – Annual Gift of $30,000 or more

Minimum additional benefits include:

  • Three complimentary spots per year in the Center’s “Management Development for Enhance Performance” Course
  • Three complimentary registrations to the annual TechnoBusiness Forum
  • The opportunity for a semester long student research project

Affiliate Benefits – Annual Gift of $10,000 - $30,000

Minimum additional benefits include:

  • Two complimentary spots per year in the Center’s “Management Development for Enhance Performance” Course
  • Two complimentary registrations to the annual TechnoBusiness Forum

Member Benefits – Annual Gift of $5,000 - $10,000

Minimum additional benefit includes:

  • One complimentary registration to the annual TechnoBusiness Forum

If you would like to know more about the Sponsorship Program, or would like to have CPBIS visit your site to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Colleen Walker, Associate Director at 404-894-5756 or Colleen.Walker@cpbis.gatech.edu.


For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact: Colleen Walker.


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