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References and Web Links


The Forest Products Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (gives many usefuls links to pulp and paper data)

Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech (IPST) web site

2002-2004 FAO Global Timber & Forest Products Assessment (draft version)

Worldwide Wood and Paper Net Imports (weighted map and numbers)

Worldwide Wood and Paper Net Exports (weighted map and numbers)

IPST-Reviewed Links (paper associations, company info., education, etc.)

Sloan Industry Studies Web site (information about Sloan Foundation Industry Studies program)

Research publications of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA)

"Research in Industry Studies" - an article by Frank Giarratani - Director of Sloan Foundation Steel Industry Studies Center (.pdf)

"Offshoring, Import Competition, and the Jobless Recovery"; Paper by Charles Schultze; Brookings Institution; June 22, 2004
There is a widespread perception, supported by a spate of anecdotes, that a sharp rise in the outsourcing of jobs overseas by domestic firms ("offshoring"), together with the growth of low wage imports generally, are major culprits in the surprising failure of employment to recover after the last recession. This Policy Brief gathers some of the evidence bearing on this issue, and tries to provide a sense of how important these phenomena are as a component of the shortfall in jobs during the economic recovery in 2002 and 2003.
(Provided by IWS Documented News Service)

Senator J. Lieberman on Offshore Outsourcing on May 11, 2004:
· Text of Lieberman's Declaration

"Invest to Improve: North America Struggles to Maintain its Global Cost Competitiveness" .pdf article by Bob Kinstrey published in Pulp & Paper (Reproduced with Paperloop's authorization)

Georgia Institute of Technology web site

Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking web site (located at IPST in Atlanta)



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