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New Paper Industry Toolbar Delivers Resources to Desktops


ATLANTA, November 13, 2001 - Five top industry organizations today announced the release of the Paper Industry Toolbar that conveniently puts the power of their combined resources a mouse-click away from every desktop in the industry.

This cutting edge communications solution is free and gives users instant access to industry news, business and technical knowledge, research and educational programs, and other resources from the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS), Forestweb, the Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA) and TAPPI, the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper, and converting industry.
"The new Paper Industry Toolbar puts news, resources and Web-searching power where I need it: atop my browser window," said Ben Thorp, Director of Pulp and Paper Engineering, Georgia-Pacific Corporation. "It saves valuable time by giving me quick access to information that's critical to my job. And, when news breaks, the Toolbar alerts me instantly."

The five industry organizations have partnered with each other and @hoc, a leading provider of e-business communications software to offer the Paper Industry Toolbar, using @hoc's Persistent Communications™ technology. The Paper Industry Toolbar is a personalized desktop application linking to preferred content and services, which sends customized alerts as soon as the information is posted.

For more information contact:

Bob Patterson, 1 (404) 894-8182


Mary Cesar, 1 (404) 894-5756


About IPST
The Institute of Paper Science and Technology (http://www.ipst.gatech.edu) is an industry sponsored graduate research institution dedicated to providing innovative solutions and future leaders for the paper industry. Toolbar links include customizable buttons for the IPST Member Channel, Research, Academics, Alumni and the Library and Knowledge Center.

About Forestweb, Inc.
Los Angeles-based Forestweb, Inc. (http://www.forestweb.com), the primary online business solution provider for people associated with the global forest products industry, is the single site on the Internet whose focus spans the entire breadth of forest products, from standing timber to chips, pulp and paper to recycling, logs and lumber to engineered wood. Forestweb generates, aggregates, and publishes news and information about the industry concerning market conditions, prices, inventory and corporate finances. Toolbar links include Company and People Search, Events Calendars, Industry Links, PriceBeat, Risk Management Center, Forestweb Login, Pulp and Paper Prices and Statistics, Forestweb Alerts, and a separate button with dynamic Industry News updated throughout the day.

The Sloan Industry Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (http://www.cpbis.gatech.edu) is the preeminent graduate business studies and research enterprise dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge, decision-making, and business performance for the global paper industry. Toolbar links include Research Themes, Newsletter, Member Companies, Research Projects, CPBIS Alerts, and the "Home" link, which provides comprehensive access to information on the Center and its growing portfolio of special industry reports.

About PIMA
The premier association for management professionals in the paper and pulp industry, PIMA (http://www.pima-online.org) delivers value by creating forums that address current issues and develop management and leadership skills in a way that is both customer focused and driven. Toolbar links include PIMA-Online.org, Join PIMA, Solutions!, Association Events, Couch Pit University, Student Chapters, Division News, PIMA Training Institute, PIMAweb, Member Log-In, Member Directory, Papermaker Archives, Trade Name Directory, PIMA Alerts.

TAPPI (http://www.tappi.org) is the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper and converting industry. TAPPI provides its members rapid access to the largest international group of technically experienced people in the industry, the most comprehensive collection of reliable technical information in the industry, and the highest quality products and services created to meet the needs of people who solve technical problems in the industry. Toolbar links include Membership Benefits, Events, TAPPI News, Standards, Education and Training, JobLine, Industry Journals, Conference Paper Archives, Solutions!, TAPPI JOURNAL TAPPI PRESS Books & CD's, Member Groups, Contact TAPPI, TAPPI Alerts.

About @hoc
@hoc (http://www.athoc.com) enables companies to significantly strengthen the critical relationship with their customers. @hoc's Persistent Communications™ technology helps businesses maximize the value of their online initiatives by extending their content and services directly to customers. @hoc Channel™ 3 software establishes a dynamic presence on customer's desktops positioning companies as the first and ongoing point of contact for valued information, alerts and business services even when users are not visiting the company's Web site.


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