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CPBIS offers a new perk for the employees of its supporting companies

ATLANTA, GA.--February 12, 2002--The employees of those companies that support the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, (CPBIS) now get a new perk, Forestweb's Newsbeat at a 25% savings or more! By signing up for your FREE 4-week trial subscription to Newsbeat now, compliments of Forestweb and CPBIS. Students qualify for a 50% discount and ten or more memberships to one company qualify for additional discounts.

Now, more than ever in these uncertain economic times, you need cost effective, quality, and up-to-the-minute reports of industry news, price trends, market forecasts, and analyses. NewsBeat guarantees you Forestweb Exclusive market coverage, a daily email newsletter, an 8- to 10-page weekly print newsletter, and archive research. Whether you follow pulp, paper, packaging, recovered paper, lumber, or forestry issues, in NewsBeat you'll get reporting that gives you insider intelligence. You'll get a jump on the information that let's you sharpen your edge over the competition. Sign up today at: http://www.forestweb.com.

David Bell, Associate Director for Business Development for CPBIS says, "Newsbeat is the most complete coverage of the forest products industry that is available. It provides a significant competitive advantage to those who subscribe. Every week, I find information from Newsbeat that I just can't get anywhere else". Get your news from a team you can trust! Each Forestweb Exclusive story is researched and reported by an experienced Forestweb's journalist: Diane Keaton, Jim McLaren, and Linda Barr. Their reports give you the knowledge you require to keep abreast of the economic, political, and social factors affecting your industry and your job.



About Forestweb, Inc.

Los Angeles-based Forestweb, Inc. (http://www.forestweb.com), the primary online business solution provider for people associated with the global forest products industry, is the single site on the Internet whose focus spans the entire breadth of forest products, from standing timber to chips, pulp and paper to recycling, logs and lumber to engineered wood. Forestweb generates, aggregates, and publishes news and information about the industry concerning market conditions, prices, inventory and corporate finances.


The Sloan Industry Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (http://www.cpbis.gatech.edu) is the preeminent graduate business studies and research enterprise dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge, decision-making, and business performance for the global paper industry.


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