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Alan Procter at CPBIS/IPST Distinguished Lecture Series:

"Crafting Competitive Strategy"



ATLANTA, GEORGIA, October 25, 2002 --- Alan Procter was the second speaker in a Distinguished Lecture Series presented by the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS), the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), and Buckman Laboratories. Dr. Procter discussed Crafting Competitive Strategy and explained why it is essential in today's business environment, on October 25th at IPST.

The event was broadcasted over the web and the recording can be viewed for free by clicking here (please allow the Centra platform software to install itself if necessary).

Dr. Procter said, "According to the classic thinking of Michael Porter at the Harvard Business School, crafting a competitive strategy is about establishing differences, creating new strategic positions and making trade-offs. Strategic positioning means performing different activities from rivals' or performing similar activities in different ways." Dr. Procter contended that the unique linkage of such strategic positions throughout an organization creates a strong locked-in "strategy blueprint" that is difficult to copy. He described a unique software-supported business tool that facilitates the creation of innovative strategy blueprints. Dell, Southwest Airlines, Ikea and Starbucks are well-known examples of "best in class" for successful strategic positioning in cost-minimizing business sectors. Is there an example from the Pulp and Paper Sector?
To view the full abstract please click here.

Alan Procter is the former Research Director for MacMillan Bloedel and has over 30 years experience in the Forest Products Sector. He is now a senior international consultant helping organizations exploit the future in their business strategy. Together with partners, he brings a unique software supported process called Future Robust Strategy to the Forest Products Sector. He is also a proven leader in innovative research management and technology delivery, and is the developer of a professional / executive course in Technology Management. He is regular column contributor to Industry Journals, and speaker at International Conferences.

Buckman Laboratories has sponsored the Distinguished Lecture Series -- the series is free to the public. The next lecture will be on November 22, 2002. Kai Korhonen, CEO of Stora Enso North America will discuss What Drives Consolidation in the Paper Industry.

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