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PaperPat: CPBIS Database of Pulp & Paper Patents


Category code:

1 = U.S. pulp and paper companies existing in 2005 |
2 = merged and out-of-business pulp and paper companies existing sometime between 2000 and 2004 (both years included) but not anymore in 2005 | 
2.5 = merged and out-of-business pulp and paper companies existing sometime between 1970 and 1999 but not anymore in 2000 |
3 = large foreign pulp and paper companies existing in 2005 |
4 = suppliers (U.S. or foreign) to the pulp and paper industry in 2005 |
5 = R&D centers for pulp and paper and universities with large pulp and paper dept. anytime between 1970 and 2005; U.S. or foreign |
6 = category of assignee is unknown; could be any of above (only 257 entries in that category) |


Search Tips:

For Search by Multiple Words in Patent Title:

  1. Put in one or more words; for instance "Paper" or "Web"
  2. Each keyword should go into a different field. For example: if the criteria of search is Paper AND Web, then keyword 1 should be Paper and keyword 2 would be Web.
  3. You should enter at least one keyword in the first field.
  4. The search is upper case/lower case insensitive (Paper or paper will provide the same search results).

For Search by Consecutive Words, Assignee etc.:

  1. Put in one of the options - either Patent Title or Assignee or Author Name or Category or Patent Number.
  2. Or you can search with up to 2 of these criteria simultaneously.

For Results Page Display:

  1. Results are ordered by increasing Patent Number.
  2. Because of space constraints. only the first author is displayed.
  3. Category: see category codes above.
  4. The Issue date of the patent is the date when the patent was finally granted (issued). It uses this format:
    4 digits year(no space)2 digits month(no space)2 digits day.
  5. The Assignee ID No. is a unique reference number that the U.S. Patent Office uses for a given assignee.
  6. Download Results: Press the download button to Open the results or to Save to Disk, as a .xls format file readable by Microsoft Excel.

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