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Commercialization of Forest Biotechnology


Commercialization of Forest Biotechnology: Economic Targets
for Enhanced Global Competitiveness of the U.S. Pulp and Paper Industry

Research Theme: Innovation

Project Objective Statement: Identify applications of biotechnology that have the greatest potential to enhance the global competitiveness, enterprise effectiveness and environmental safety of U.S. pulp and paper companies.

Project summary:

This research provides an in-depth economic assessment of biotechnology in terms of joining pulp and papermaking technology advancements with germplasm improvement: matching new fiber sources and traits with advanced production technologies to provide superior economic foundations. A three year, two phase proposal is described to establish: 1] cost/benefit comparisons of altering specific wood/fiber traits (Phase 1); 2] biological feasibility of increasing wood growth, improving wood and fiber properties, as well as uniformity of fiber supply through biotechnology (Phase 1); 3] potentially most beneficial targets for biotechnology research; (Phase 1); 4] biotechnology's role in changing global competitiveness; (Phases 1& 2); 5] potential coevolutionary scenarios of new fiber supplies/future pulping and papermaking (Phases 1 & 2); 6] processes critical to regional/global public policy and environmental issues related to implementing such biotechnology advances (Phase 2); and 7] explore the protection of intellectual property rights needed for international trade (Phase 2).


Prof. Gary Peter, University of Florida

Tel: 352 846-0896


Planned Duration: 3 years; started in Fall 2001


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