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Future Printing Trends


Identification of Future Printing Industry Trends

Research Theme: Innovation

Project Objective Statement: To identify constraints and potential solutions for improved performance and quality of digitally printed papers, and to analyze incentives, barriers to entry, and profitability of the digital printing industry.

Project summary:

An integrated systems approach that addresses critical competitiveness issues in both the printing and paper industry sectors is proposed. The objective is to identify constraints and potential solutions for improved performance and quality of digitally printed papers. Constraints to printer performance and quality will be identified through surveys of printers using the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) database, with a particular emphasis on the role that paper and printing process requirements play in limiting efficiency and quality. The potential solutions will be identified by analyzing the constraints, future printing technology trends as related to paper substrate requirements, and interviews of printer device designers to understand what paper properties limits innovation in printing devices. The paper limitations will be further analyzed by an economic assessment of the fiber supply chain with an emphasis on matching new fiber sources and wood traits with advanced production technologies to provide superior economic foundations for printing papers.

Another part of the study, which aims to create new insights into the inner workings of the digital printing industry, will enable better estimates of future demand for printing papers. Experts in the Georgia Tech School of Economics will analyze incentives and barriers to entry and estimate the profitability of the digital printing industry. The results will provide the pulp and paper industry with specific insights into customer needs, enhance technical foundations for the whole digital printing system, and identify areas for research that offer the greatest potential benefit for both the U.S. printing and papermaking industries.


Dr. David White, Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech

Tel: 404 894-1080


Planned Duration: 2 years; started in Spring 2005


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