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Management Development for Enhanced Performance May 10-14, 2004
A Course Co-Sponsored by PIMA and CPBIS


Dan Cenatempo, President, Value Resolution Group, Inc.
MBA., Duke University

Goutam Challagalla, Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

David Herold, Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., Yale University

Robert Kinstrey, Director, Process Technology, Jacobs Engineering,
Industrial Management, Clarkson University

Jim McNutt
Executive Director, Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies
Ph.D., Oregon State

Dennis Nagao, Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chuck Parsons, Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Christina Shalley, Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Atlanta, GA, February 26. Press Release: For immediate release.

"Your career is directly dependent on your skill level, says Jim McNutt, CPBIS executive director. When your knowledge-base stagnates you become dispensable. Don't let that happen to you. Your opportunity is here. Join us!"

Management Development for Enhanced Performance course is designed to provide a meaningful growth opportunity for managers and leaders at all levels and in all functions from the mill floor to the mill manager's office at pulp and paper mills and across suppliers operations from fabricating facilities to the business offices with the cutting-edge knowledge, skills, techniques, and approaches needed to successfully manage the financial, human, and physical resources to enhance the overall performance of their operations.

The course is taught by faculty of Georgia Institute of Technology and experienced practitioners from the pulp and paper and supplier industries.

How You Will Benefit
+ Learn about the current and future competitive challenges that will affect your industry and how you can effectively deal with them.
+ Become proficient in using analytical tools to analyze finance and accounting data to make trade-offs among alternate courses of action.
+ Discover approaches to managing a diverse group of individuals and creating a more cohesive, high-performance work team.
+ Challenge your current thinking on how to deal and manage change successfully.
+ Achieve waste and cost reduction by using innovative approaches to manage, control, and improve various business processes.
+ Understand the critical traits of effective leadership and recognize what you need to do to become an effective leader and motivator of people.
+ Achieve better outcomes at the negotiation table with your contractors and suppliers and close deals that create more value for all involved.
+ Use effective approaches to select, motivate, involve and energize your workforce.
+ Use proven tools and methods to understand your customers better and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to enhance profitability.
+ Learn what must be done to improve capital effectiveness and ensure that projects perform as expected.
+ Enhance your overall management skills, thereby making you more valuable to your organization.

Philip Russell, Director, Technology Application, Research and Development at Weyerhaeuser Company said, "The course was well designed and delivered by a strong faculty. Professor Dave Herold made it clear that becoming a strong leader is within everyone's grasp; leadership is not just for the small number of people who innately possess the optimum set of personality traits. I found this to be inspirational. Dan Cenatempo's segment on systems thinking challenged some long-held beliefs in our industry that are limiting our profitability. I came away with specific ideas on how our company could generate increased profits and shareholder value."

For more information on this course please click here or go to the PIMA web site at www.Pimaweb.com


About PIMA: The Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA) is the premier association for management professionals in the paper and pulp industry. Our purpose is to contribute to the strength of the international pulp and paper community by providing the means for our members to address relevant industry issues and to develop their management and leadership skills.

About CPBIS: The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) is a globally recognized and industry-valued academic center, creating knowledge and tools that support paper industry decision-makers, and producing interdisciplinary graduates who contribute to the long-term success of the paper industry. The CPBIS is co-sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and the Paper Industry.


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