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Professional Education


Management Development
for Enhanced Performance:
A Paper Industry Professional Development Course
Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies North Carolina State University Paper Industry Management Association

Cosponsored by the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies,
North Carolina State University
and the Paper Industry Management Association

October 13-17, 2008 has been cancelled
Next scheduled offering will take place in June 2009 in Atlanta, GA

(dates to be determined)


To register for the course:
Phone: (404) 385-3501
FAX: (404) 894-8925

If you have questions or experience difficulties, contact: Charley Burney by email at: Charley.Burney@cpbis.gatech.edu or by phone at (404) 894-1488.

About the Course:

  • Taught by faculty of Georgia Institute of Technology and experienced practitioners from the Pulp and Paper and Suppliers Industries, using a variety of teaching methods including lectures, class discussions, case studies, and individual /group interactive exercises.
  • Guest speakers will share their experiences in areas such as technology transfer; organization learning; operations, financial and supply chain management; and developing business tactics and strategy.
  • After the program, participants will be offered explicit follow-up opportunities for further reinforcement, sharing, and ongoing development through the use of distance learning technologies.

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This course is designed to provide a meaningful growth opportunity for managers and leaders at all levels and in all functions of the pulp & paper industry, i.e.:

Mill and/or plant managers in both the manufacturing and supplier sectors of the pulp and paper industry. Managers, superintendents and supervisors responsible for operations in production, human resources, maintenance, technical, purchasing, finance, and other administrative services.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Learn about current and future competitive challenges that will affect your industry and how you can effectively deal with them.
  • Become proficient in using analytical tools to analyze finance and accounting data to make trade-offs among alternate courses of action.
  • Discover approaches to managing a diverse group of individuals and creating a more cohesive, high-performance work team.
  • Challenge your current thinking and approaches on how to deal with and manage change successfully.
  • Achieve waste and cost reduction by using innovative approaches to manage, control, and improve various business processes.
  • Understand the critical traits of effective leadership and recognize what you need to do to become an effective leader and motivator of people.
  • Achieve strategic outcomes at the negotiation tables with contractors and suppliers and close deals that create more value for all involved.
  • Use effective approaches to select, motivate, involve and energize the workforce.
  • Use proven tools and methods to understand your customers better and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to enhance profitability.
  • Learn what must be done to improve capital effectiveness and ensure that projects perform as expected.
  • Enhance your overall management skills, thereby making you more valuable to your organization.

Program of the course:

The course is divided into 8 sessions, starting just after an overview of the Paper Industry - Challenges and Opportunities:

  • The Art of Leadership
  • Effectively Managing Change
  • Creating Successful Bargaining and Negotiations Outcomes
  • Effectively Managing High Performance Teams
  • Leveraging People Resources for Improved Performance
  • Improving Capital Effectiveness
  • Designing, Managing, and Improving Processes
  • Customer Relationship Management

In addition, during two of the four evenings, guest speakers who are successful in their profession will challenge the participants' perspective about the pulp and paper industry.

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For further information about the content and delivery of this course offering please contact the Course Director, Professor Vinod Singhal (CPBIS) by Tel: 404-894-4908, Fax: 404-894-6030, or e-mail: vinod.singhal@mgt.gatech.edu.

Duration, Location and Cost:

This five day course is offered at the Global Learning and Conference Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology, at Technology square on the Georgia Tech campus, in Atlanta, GA. The course starts at 8:00 am on Monday and ends at 4:30 pm on Friday.

Base price of the course is $2,500 (excluding lodging and boarding). PIMA and TAPPI members and employees of companies or organizations sponsoring CPBIS, are eligible for a 10% discount off the base price. Please provide details of your membership when submitting your registration. If you would like to become a PIMA member, please click here.


Phone: (404) 385-3501
FAX:    (404) 894-8925

The registration and cancellation policy for this course can be found here.

Information related to the course:

Brochure of the Course (.pdf)

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