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Why People Like Paper:
New attributes for a competitive edge


A seminar By Alan Procter, Former Research Director, MacMillan Bloedel
Thursday October 24, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. in the Kress Auditorium at IPST


The Paperless Society / Office the clarion cry from the “techy” (and environmental) community, just doesn’t seem to be the reality. This suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of what paper is about. It is clear that people enjoy using paper, but what is important to the industry is that these use-attributes be fully understood and defined in consumer-use terms. Furthermore, the prospects for new or unusual attributes or applications should be exploited; ones where paper would have the clear advantage. Handlability attributes, such as stiffness, bulk, and tactile attributes can be built-in and marketed as a brand; image attributes, such as sharpness, snap, depth, and color fidelity may also be built into brand promotions. In the future, progressive paper, printing and ink companies may find ways to achieve 3-D image effects, build-in superior consumer handling characteristics. Paper can appeal to all of the senses, not just touch and sight. The challenge for the paper industry is to define and aggressively promote “The Paper Advantage.”

Click here to see the slides (Powerpoint not needed)

Alan Procter also gave a seminar entitled "Crafting Competitive Strategy" which was part of the Distinguished Lecture Series, on Friday October 25. Information about that seminar (that was webcast) can be accessed by clicking here.


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