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Vision, Mission and Objectives

CPBIS Vision:

The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) is an internationally recognized academic research center providing business knowledge of relevance to the global forest products industry.


CPBIS Mission:

The overall mission of the Center is to become the preeminent business studies research and education enterprise dedicated to business, management, and social science issues.  Its purpose encompasses several important elements:

  • Focus on research, education, and outreach issues in the pulp, paper, packaging and, more generally, the forest products industry (collectively, the Industry);

  • Identify, develop, and support research on business, management, and social science issues that are of critical interest to Industry stakeholders;

  • Conduct research that studies the Industry by direct observation, providing research results that are of high, practical value to the Industry;

  • Create an academic community that together with stakeholders understands the Industry;

  • Disseminate and communicate research findings to the Industry in order to facilitate better decision-making in an increasingly competitive environment;

  • Provide programs and forums to build management and analytical capacity within the Industry;

  • Produce skilled, Industry-oriented Ph.D. and M.S. graduates in a variety of disciplines.

CPBIS Objectives:

A basic objective of the Center, in accordance with both the Sloan model for Industry Centers and Paper Industry Leadership input, is to gain an improved understanding of strategically important managerial, economic and organizational challenges facing the Industry. Creating an integrated set of high quality and innovative educational and research programs will achieve this.

An equally important objective is to build and sustain ties between the Industry and the academic community in ways that address issues of interest to analysts and scholars. This will include such arenas as relationships between culture and organizational effectiveness, Industry responses to the changing business environment, shifting regulatory processes, and emerging trends in information technology. Thus, the programs developed are intended to fuse practical and theoretical concerns.


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