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Market Pulp Seminar


SEMINAR: The World of Market Pulp
September 26th - 27th, 2006
8:00am - 4:30pm in Appleton, WI

Supported by:
The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies and
The Institute of Paper Science and Technology
at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Market Pulp Seminar
A one-day technical seminar highlighting 60 global Market Pulps…pulps that were chosen for their distinctive properties, outstanding attributes and ability to represent the wide-range of Market Pulps available in the world. Of special interest to both pulp producers and paper makers will be this seminar's very practical emphasis on each pulp's most appropriate end-use application…a subject of interest to every product development specialist!

Prof. Tom McDonough, previously with IPST and currently Director Emeritus of CPBIS says about the seminar: "As one who was involved in the decision to fund the CPBIS project that gave rise to this seminar and its associated market pulp properties database, I was delighted to have the opportunity to participate when the seminar was offered in Appleton in September. The presenters laid out an extensive body of new and valuable information. It will enable the participants, both users and suppliers of market pulps, to make more intelligent decisions as they seek to improve profitability and product quality."

This seminar is based on a 270 page interactive CD that includes background material about global market pulps; their forest and fiber sources, pulp qualities and how to select market pulps. There are essays by guest authors from throughout the world that cover their area of expertise, specialty pulps and pulp market in the country where they live.

The analysis of the 60 individual pulps is presented in a 120 page Atlas that contains PFI beater curves test results, fiber morphology data and scanning electron micrographs of handsheets. The pulps were analyzed using the expertise of Integrated Paper Services in Appleton and The Institute of Paper Science & Technology at Georgia Tech to provide a high quality database of all the test results. Seminar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of this excellent CD Book and a workbook containing a CD guide and copy of the seminar presentations.

The World of Market Pulp Seminar(1) will be conducted by three highly qualified Market Pulp Experts: Dr. Alan Button, Mr. Dave Hillman and Dr. Hiroki Nanko.

Dr. Hiroki Nanko,
Principal Research Scientist,
The Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Click here for detailed biography

Dr. Alan F. Button,
Buttonwood Consulting, LLC.
Appleton, WI
Click here for detailed biography

Mr. Dave Hillman,
Market pulp consultant
Erie, PA
and Mt. Dora, FL
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For more information on registration and fees please visit http://www.worldofmarketpulp.com


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