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2004 Sloan Industry Studies Centers’
Annual Conference Agenda

Detailed Agenda
Factors Of Success In The New Competitive Environment


Tuesday, April 20, 2004 -- AM


Keynote Address – Co-host Chip White -- Dr. Timothy Bresnahan (Stanford)


Session 1 – Plenary Panel Co-host Jim McNutt “Implications of Outsourcing (Domestic and Global) and Offshoring for the U.S. Workforce”; Chair: John Zysman; Panelists – Bob Atkinson, Chip White, Richard Lester, Martin Kenny; Discussant: Stefanie Lenway


Session 1 – Breakout Panels


Breakout Panel A : “Supply Chain Management”; Chair: Tim Sturgen; Panelists -- John Paul MacDuffie, Ken Kraemer, and Jean Kinsey


Breakout Panel B : “Location of Employees”; Chair: Tom Kochan; Panelists -- David Weil, David Hodges, and Ashish Nanda


Breakout Panel C : “Outsourcing and Offshoring – The Future Configuration of Internal Service”; Chair: Rafiq Dossani, Panelists -- Jim McNutt, Ashish Arora, G. Edward Gibson

12:30 – 13:30

General Luncheon – MIT Presentation by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld


Industry Center Directors’ Luncheon and Business Meeting – Industry Centers’ Development Sustainability Chair: Ben Edwards with Emily Few, Gail Pesyna, and Frank Mayadas; Plus Panel -- Jim McNutt, Jim Ferris, David Bell, Chip White, Pat Sorce and Bob Atkinson


Tuesday, April 20, 2004 -- PM


Session 2 – Part I: Parallel Tracks on “Selected Industry Studies Topics” – Overall Chair – Frank Giarratani


Track A: “Government and Markets” – Public Policy and Competitive Markets; Chair: Gene Gruver

  1. Lester Lave: “Can Electricity Markets be Competitive? Lessons from Deregulation
  2. Carey Treado: “Imports, Technology, and the Success of the American Steel Industry”


Track B: “Incentives and Disincentives” – Incentives in Health Care; Chair: Chuck Parsons

  1. Stan Finkelstein: “An Economic Framework for Evaluating Personalized Medicine
  2. Meredith Rosenthal: “Paying for Quality: Current Models and Potential Impact


Track C: “Productivity” – Service Worker Skills and Productivity; Chair: Tom McDonough

  1. Larry Hunter: “Skills in Service Work: Determinants and Effects
  2. Ashish Nanda: “The Risky Business of Hiring Stars


Track D: “Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chains” – Knowledge Networks; Chair: Ravi Madhaven

  1. Michael Farmer: “Strategic Research Connections: Implementing Funding Policy in a Dynamic Network
  2. Sean Safford: “Searching for Silicon Valley in the Rust Belt: The Evolution of Knowledge Networks in Akron and Rochester


Track E: “Efficiency in Supply Chains” – SubcontractingTrends in Manufacturing; Chair: David Ashcraft

  1. Gary Herrigel: “Varieties of Vertical Disintegration: The Global Trend Toward Heterogeneous Supply Relations
  2. David Weil: “Improving Standards in the Apparel Industry: Can Government Make a Difference?”


Session 2 – Part II: Parallel Tracks on “Selected Industry Studies Topics” – Overall Chair – Frank Giarratani


Track A: “Government and Markets” – Technology Diffusion; Chair: Gene Gruver

  1. Heather Hudson -- “Investing in Infrastructure: Strategies for Increasing Internet Access in the Developing World” (Handouts)
  2. Sandra Rothenberg: “Technical Assistance Programs and the Diffusion of Environmental Technologies in the Printing Industry – The Case of SEMs


Track B: “Incentives and Disincentives” – Risk Factors and Operating Costs; Chair: Chuck Parsons

  1. Robert King: “Supermarket Characteristics and Operating Costs in Low-Income Areas
  2. G. Edward Gibson: “Risks of International Projects – Reward or Folly” (Handouts)


Track C: “Productivity” – Impact of Technology on Quality and Productivity; Chair: Tom McDonough

  1. Dale Belman: “An Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Technology on the Work Lives of Truck Drivers
  2. Jennifer Kuan: “Is Open Source Software ‘Better’ than Closed Source Software? Using Bug-Fix Rates to Compare Software Quality


Track D: “Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chains” – Knowledge Sharing and Buyer-Seller Relationships; Chair: Ravi Madhaven

  1. Mari Sako: “Supplier Development at Honda, Nissan, and Toyota – Comparative Case Studies of Organizational Capability Enhancement
  2. Chickery Kasouf: “Buyer-Seller Relationships – The Role of Expectations and Appraisal Processes in Interorganizational Problem Solving


Track E: “Efficiency in Supply Chains” – Models to Improve Operating Efficiency; Chair: David Ashcraft

  1. Joseph Blackburn: “Reverse Supply Chain Design for Time Sensitive Products
  2. Cynthia Barnhart: “Airline Passenger Delays


Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Session 3 – Plenary Panel : Co-host Jim McNutt -- Innovation to Enhance Productivity; Chair: Erica Groshen; Panelists -- Kathryn Shaw and Frits Pil


Session 3 – Breakout Panels


  1. Breakout Panel A: “Social Capital, Human Resources & Organizational Innovations”; Chair: Jody Gittell; Panelists – Saul Rubinstein, Casey Ichniowski, and Susan Helper/Marcus Stanley


  1. Breakout Panel B: “Technology and the Demand Chain Sources of Innovation”; Chair: Pat Sorce; Panelists – Gary Peter, Donna Hoffman and Tim Park


  1. Breakout Panel C: “Technology and Supply Chain Sources of Innovation”; Chair: Jean Kinsey; Panelists – Stan Finkelstein, Kristen Monaco, Carl Haas, and Fred Abernathy



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