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September 25-26, 2007 , in Atlanta , GA

The 2007 Techno-Business Forum will occur on September 25-26, 2007,
at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, GA

Technobusiness -- The term implies a bond between technology and business, an interdependence that drives both to achieve more together than separately. It is a term well-suited to the forest products industry, where research and innovation have driven process improvement and new product development for decades.

Ever increasing turbulence – economic, social and political, environmental and industrial – has reduced or eliminated the effectiveness of once powerful enterprise improvement programs.  Continuous improvement and streamlining operations remain necessary but are far from sufficient in assuring survival… much less the sustained success of your firm.  Enterprise Transformation is rapidly replacing past approaches, focused on incremental change, with more aggressive and corporate-wide initiatives designed to impact the very strategies, structures and human systems of the corporation.

This 2-day program, the first of its kind presented within the Paper Industry, will address:

  • What exactly is Enterprise Transformation and why is it crucial now?

  • How has it impacted executives and enterprises within and beyond the Paper Industry?

  • What is current “Best Practice” in Enterprise Transformation?

  • How well are you prepared and how can you benefit from it now?

CEO’s and senior executives will interact with each other and with leaders from the nations’ only two Enterprise Transformation Centers – Enterprise 2020 and the Tennenbaum Institute.  Joined by the Sinclair Group, both strategy and execution will be addressed.

Enterprise Transformation – Perspectives and Applications – will provide:
The Fundamental Management Perspective

Key differences between today’s dominant and dying enterprises.  Corporate strategies that create value with customers.  Business structures, distinctive competency based, that combine focus and flexibility.  Management systems that create stretch cultures and dramatic increases in employee value. 

The Essential Systems Perspective

Enterprise Transformation is driven by experienced and/or anticipated value deficiencies that result in significantly redesigned and/or new work processes as determined by management’s decision making abilities, limitations, and inclinations, all in the context of the social networks of management in particular, and the enterprise in general.

The Foundations for Successful Applications

Examples of transformations – how to now know your enterprise is ready, what transformation risks and options have worked and why, and what are the optimal business conditions for success.

Two CEO Panel Discussions – cross industry and paper industry sessions – will provide top executive expertise and experience on Enterprise Transformation.

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