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Rethink and Discovery III Program -- Held at the NCSU Pulp & Paper Foundation Annual Meeting - October 10, 2002

Raleigh, North Carolina --October 10, 2002 --
The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, (CPBIS), in partnership with the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST) and the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Pulp and Paper Foundation, hosted the third "Rethink and Discovery" program at the NCSU Pulp & Paper Foundation's Annual (2002) Conference in Raleigh, NC today. The program titled - "Opening Doors to Innovation and Learning" was also simultaneously Webcast Live over the Internet to an audience of industry professionals worldwide.

(Note: to view a recording of the webcast, please click here: Rethink and Discovery III webcast and allow the CentraOne software to install itself if necessary. Also, the PowerPoint presentation materials are available for downloading and viewing at the bottom of this page).

The Rethink and Discovery sessions comprise a "Thought-Leadership Program" designed to surface business and technological views that help clarify understandings and stimulate an industry-wide change and transformation process for the pulp and paper industry. Rethink and Discovery III focused on innovation and industry training and learning issues. Dr. Richard B. Phillips, Senior Vice President of Technology at International Paper, delivered the keynote address. He focused on the realities of the role of offshore new capacity expansion and the implications for North America Producers and his 10 suggested imperatives for the North American Paper Industry to survive and prosper.

The keynote address was followed by two panel sessions. Ben Thorp, of Georgia-Pacific and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA), lead the first session entitled Innovation Pathways or Dead Ends? Panelists Don Carli -- Principal, and CEO of Nima Hunter Inc; Dr. Vincent Chiang -- NCSU faculty; and Dr. Gary Peter -- CPBIS Research and University of Florida Faculties joined Mr. Thorp. This discussion session centered on the innovation process and selected solutions in three speparate areas to illustrative pathways the industry can consider to improve performance through innovative thinking and action.

The second session entitled Learning Doorways or Roadblocks? was be lead by Dr. Mike Kocurek -- Head of the Wood and Paper Science Department at NCSU. Dr. Kocurek was joined by Dr. Harry Cullinan of Auburn and Chairman of the Agenda 2020 Technologically Advanced Workforce Committee; Keith Kirchner -- Executive Assistant to the President of PACE International -- the premier paper industry labor union; Diane Murdock -- First Vice President of PIMA, and Wayne Gross -- Executive Director of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI). This session centered on an assessment of the current state of learning needs, opportunities and problems facing the pulp and paper industry - with focused suggestions for enhanced learning opportunities for the industry.

The Rethink & Discovery III proceedings notes and questions and answers given during the session are available here:

Rethink_III_Proceedings_Notes.pdf (.5 MBytes)

Please click for downloading the PowerPoint presentations of the Rethink sessions:
Rethink_III_A_Intro_Buckman_Davis (.4 MBytes)
Rethink_III_B_Keynote_Phillips (5 MB)
-->See also: article by Phillips in Solutions (.pdf; reprinted with Tappi's permission)
Rethink_III_C_Innovation_Thorp (.4 MB)
Rethink_III_D_Innovation_Carli (1.2 MB)
Rethink_III_E_Innovation_Chiang (.5 MB)
Rethink_III_F_Innovation_Peter (.9 MB)
Rethink_III_G_Learning_Kocurek (.4 MB)
Rethink_III_H_Learning_Cullinan (1.1 MB)
Rethink_III_I_Learning_Kirchner (.5 MB)
Rethink_III_J_Learning_Murdock (.7 MB)
Rethink_III_K_Learning_Gross (1 MB)

Rethink_III_L_All_sessions_in_1_file.ppt (9.3 MB, will take time to download)

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